Thursday, May 26, 2011

Caffe' o Acqua Sporca

"Coffee or Dirty Water" - it seems that is what we get sometimes when we go out to Cafes for our cup of coffee. When you really feel like a nice coffee, particularly an espresso you just want that nice coffee taste with the crema of the coffee on top. Not too much bitterness and coffee is a bitter product, a nice smooth finish to digest that big meal you have just eaten. Just when you start to dream of the taste you take one sip and almost spit it out. The nice enjoyment of the lunch has just gone out the window. Did they just bring a cup of dirty water to me? How much did I have to pay for it? If you are in QLD or WA $4. And of course we won't go into which state actually should make the best coffee (Victoria), however I'm stumped as to why QLD and WA have to charge so much, there are a few good baristas in QLD but I don't think that can extend to every establishment. But the problem really lies with the general public as they are the ones who should speak up and tell the Cafes what they really think of the dirty water that they are paying for. In Italy not only would you get abused if you served such a thing to the customers but you'd close up shop in a few months. Why are we here so more accepting of things that really lets face it, are "crap" and pay for it???

Next time, are you drinking a Caffe' o Acqua Sporca?

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