Monday, March 2, 2009

Where did it start

Where did Roberto and I met? In Italy - no, in Australia - no.
It was sunny ole England - London to be exact. Nearly 13 years ago, I went to England on the typical Aussie working holiday visa, during that time I worked at one of the Hilton hotels - Langham Hilton as a hostess in one of their restaurants called Memories. I had been working there for about 3 months and during that time we had a lot of casual staff, nearly every morning there was someone new working and they were always asking the same questions of where do they find this etc, etc. One morning I walked in and there I spotted another new person - a male, however this male was running around like they knew what they were doing. So I marched up to him and asked "how come you know what you are doing?". He turned to me and answered in his broken english and thick Italian accent - "I've been off work for the past 3 months as I had broken my wrist." And from there it started the beginning of a new romance.....

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